Welcome to the
Boston Tennis League

Welcome to the
Boston Tennis League


Spring #2: Competitive2 & Skilled: Men's Competitive2 3.25

2nd Round robin of the year will both be held at Brandeis University.
Sat morning July 1st starting at 9 AM.
You'll play two 10-game pro set matches and both will count in the standings. It's 8 game pro sets mainly because it's the first one of the year. There will be a 1 hr time limit on the first match-up. You need to reserve a spot if you want to come. My job will be to make sure we have even numbers for the round robin. $10 for the round robin and I'll supply 1 can of balls for both matches. These courts have degraded badly over the past 2 years but it's the safest place to have large crowds.

Playoff qualifiers for Championship (4 wins by Jul. 23rd) :

C. Baker +5

Player Name W / L % of Games Home Court Legacy Matches
P24 Open 0 - 0 0.000 (0-0) Open 0
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Daytime Player
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