Welcome to the
Boston Tennis League

Welcome to the
Boston Tennis League


Summer: Comp - North: Men's Competitive1 3.5

We brought back the 3 wins but 4 matches played Summer Playoff win criteria. Let's see everyone qualify and have absolutely huge playoff draws.

3rd Round robin of the year will both be held at Brandeis University.
Sunday afternoon July 30th starting at 4PM.
You'll play two 10-game pro set matches and both will count in the standings. My job will be to make sure we have even numbers for the round robin. $10 for the round robin and I'll supply 1 can of balls for both matches. These courts have degraded badly over the past 2 years but it's the safest place to have large crowds.

Playoff qualifiers for Championship (3 wins but 4 matches played by Aug. 20th) :

Updated Rule #10 will explain the new seeding formula.

D. Wiggins +5, A. Manchanda +4, B. Ho 0, M. Kang 0, A. Tripathi 0, L. Dragun -1, K. Vaidya -1

Player Name W / L % of Games Home Court Legacy Matches
P17 Open 0 - 0 0.000 (0-0) Open 0
 Player has won a Championship
 Player of the Year
 Tennis Ladder Ranking
 Place on Legacy Wins
Daytime Player
Retired for the season
Total league matches for the player

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