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Excitement is Building for the 2011 Tourney

Six Ways to Qualify (By Invitation Only):

(1) Players who have won their respective season playoffs.
(2) Players on the Top 100 all-time Legacy Wins in the Tennis League Network and played one 2011 season.
(3) Any player that refers 5 or more players in 2011.
(4) Players who attended the 2009 and 2010 Tourneys and played one 2011 season.
(5) There will be about 10 at-large bids for friends of the league and most active players.
(6) Top 5 Player of the Year Point getters by the deadline for enrollment for the tourney.

Past Sponsors

Long Weekend Program:
• Friday 12-1PM: 1st set of matches (Each player plays 2 10-game pro sets matches)
• We have light courts so matches will go into the evening this year.
• Saturday Morning: Mini-Division matches will continue (Play another 2 10-game pro set matches)
• Saturday Day: League sponsored Buffet
• Saturday Dinner: Will hit a 2nd cool local restaurant (Not Included)
• Tournament Sunday: For the qualifiers will be a single elimination tourney

A couple of the Championship matches will be played on Center Court!

Skill Levels:
Men's Advanced/Elite 4.0-4.5
Competitive 3.5
Competitive 3.25 (Depending on Enrollment Numbers)
Skilled/Recreational 2.5-3.0
Women's Competitive 3.5
Women's Skilled/Recreational 2.5-3.0.

Tournament Format:
The event will be run primarily on Hard courts, but our agreement with Crandon could include some clay courts. Players will be grouped in mini-divisions of 5 players. A round-robin will be played using an 10 pro set format (First to win 10 games). Depending on the number of participants the top performers will qualify for championship Sunday and the single elimination tourney.

There will be an entry fee for the tourney will be the same as last year, $75 for Champions and $135 for Non-Champions. If we can get a sponsor or two to help cover the costs we will decrease the entry fee. This entry fee will cover courts, staff, balls, Sat lunch and transportation back and forth from the Conrad Hotel. We've also arranged a group discount rate at the beautiful Conrad Hotel for $169/night.

We will again guarantee prizes for the 2011 tourney. Current projections are $150 gift cards to the Winners and $50 gift cards to the division runner-ups. It can be influenced by any sponsors that come on board.

Travel Arrangements:
Travel arrangements will be covered by the players, not by Tennis League Network, LLC. We again look to block off rooms at the Conrad Hotel.

The hard deadline to make sure we get you into the Tournament is Oct 24th.

Ultimate Goal:
The tennis should be quite exciting, the players should be amp'd up for the tourney.

Secure your spot today:
Do you fit the necessary criteria? Go here: Secure your spot

Current Qualifiers - Congratulations!
Mens 3.0
Womens 3.0

Nitish Jain, Boston
Dainan Zhang, Boston
Ty Caughell, Chicago
Andrew Ruder, Chicago
Andrew Carter, DC
Neil Gelinas, DC
Justin Lee, DC
Sean Leonce, DC
Domenico Montanaro, DC
Lauren Schleh, DC
Keith Wright, DC
Casey Adragna, Denver
Dennis Cisterna, Los Angeles
Jeremy Curtis, Los Angeles
Chris Manley, Los Angeles
Frank Mohler, Los Angeles
Reg Tigerman, Los Angeles
Alberto De Soto, Miami
Chip Hilley, Miami
Chris Kang, Miami
Felipe Leonardo, Miami
Juan Tamayo*, Miami
Mark Anthony*, Minneapolis
Stephen Basuki, OC
Mike Bjorkman, OC
Loren Cargile, OC
Vishal Parihar, OC
Lukasz Polan, OC
Matthew Tinker, Philly
Gabriel Scheinbaum, Tampa

Marcela Merino, Boston
Santina Wilson, Boston
Evaline Gamage, Chicago
Megan McCarter, Chicago
Brandie Kroon, DC
Zehra Peynircioglu, DC
Susan Yoo, DC
Colleen Cummings(2), Philly
Mens 3.5
Womens 3.5

Konan Foley, Baltimore
Daniel Gebremedhin, Boston
Anees Ghosh, Boston
Jason Greenberg(2), Boston
Vadim Monisov, Boston
Prateek Raturi, Boston
Nathan Sabo, Boston
Yogi Shridhare, Boston
Mark Bevill, Chicago
Victor Chan, Chicago
David Newman, Chicago
Joseph Portera, Chicago
Scott Shapiro, Chicago
Neil Zandstra, Chicago
Brian Mease, Cincinnati
Christian Flaherty, Cleveland
T.C. Hennessy, Cleveland
Stetmond Roberson, Cleveland
Eric DeClerck, DC
Christopher Howard, DC
Curt Long, DC
Jason Kromirs*, DC
Barry Kroon, DC
Michael Martin, DC
Jed Wolfington, DC
Ethan Wozniak, DC
Jake Hindman, Denver
Alex Blatt, Los Angeles
John Duncan, Los Angeles
Brian Kiley, Los Angeles
Jody McVeigh, Los Angeles
Sammy Shon, Los Angeles
Javier Fong, Miami
Michael Overbeck, Miami
Eli Panell, Miami
David Rodriguez, Miami
Carlos Yedo, Miami
Juan Llerena, Minneapolis
Craig Mears, Minneapolis
Orlando Jones, NYC
Buddy Koehler, NYC
Neel Mayell, NYC
Ryan Farahani, OC
Alan Kuhn, OC
Edward Lee, OC
Peter Ochrymczuk, OC
Matt Giles, Orlando
Jon Hinson, Orlando
Brian Bascome, Philly
Tom Hawley, Philly
Sang Lim, Philly
Christopher Morris, Philly
Mike Riverso, Philly
Michael Sharp, Richmond
Patrick Turner, San Diego
Harold Webb, St. Louis

Kim Huffer, Boston
Anne-Laure Attlan, Chicago
Lida Downey, Chicago
Liz Gulis, Chicago
Dionne Korita, Chicago
Emily Moyle, Denver
Lauren Clark, DC
Monica Koski, DC
Peng Wu, DC
Carrie Olson, Minneapolis
Christine Becer, Philly
Karen Lavi, Philly
Lorien Eck, LA
Regina Puzon, SF

Mens 4.0 - 4.5
2010 Attendees

Subu Jayaram(3), Austin
Konan Foley, Baltimore
Ryan Peters, Baltimore
Al Ganeshkumar, Boston
Khemarith Kang, Boston
James Lee, Boston
Jeff Pera, Boston
Pat Redmond, Boston
Rafael Rios, Boston
Henry Risman(2), Boston
Jaime Acosta, ChiTown
Mel Lamagna, ChiTown
Steven Kushner, ChiTown
Andrew Guzman(2), Cleveland
Chris Cosca, DC
Ebenezer Dadzie, DC
Steve Davis, DC
Dan Langenkamp, DC
Tuomas Niskakangas, DC
Olatide Ogunfiditimi, DC
Chris Scordo, DC
Alexis Toussaint, DC
Bala Srinivasan, Denver
George Agapitos, Los Angeles
Keran Gosine, Los Angeles
Lauren Kloner, Los Angeles
Michael Moody(2), Los Angeles
Bradley Nehls, Los Angeles
Teo Risquez(2), Los Angeles
Al Sicard, Los Angeles
Laurent Be, Miami
Abel Garcia, Miami
Luis Mir, Miami
Yann Pacreau, Miami
Nathan Moretter-Bue, Minny
Mark Sawicki, NYC
Freddy Billimoria, OC
Phil Flora, OC
Ajay Patel, OC
Rob Ryan, OC
James Cooney, Orlando
Chris Butera, Philly
Brian Calhoun, Philly
Jason Rompola, Philly
Arunprasad Sujanakumar, Philly
Matthew Meredick, Pittsburgh
Erik Fernandez(2), Portland
Mario Schmit, Portland
Phupha Visuttisang, SF
Wilson Liao, SF
Oscar Paz Altschul, SF
Amadou Diallo, Seattle
Scott Brooks, St. Louis
Tabrez Khan, Tampa Bay

Juan Llerena, Austin
Steven Chagnon, Boston
Ricki Ciolfi(Champ), Boston
Debbie Darras(Champ), Boston
John Fusi, Boston
Amy Kraus, Boston
Al Ganeshkumar, Boston
Jason Greenberg, Boston
Michele Hill, Boston
Maria Masucci, Boston
Mike McGonagle, Boston
Nate Oinonen, Boston
Neela Sakaria, Boston
Darlene Woodward, Boston
Karl Kuhnle(Champ), Chicago
Karen Salter, Chicago
Lilah Blackstone, DC
Scott Davies, DC
Crystal Ellis, DC
Gabriel Israele, DC
Roxana Laing, DC
Michelle Moore, DC
Satish Pillalamarri, DC
Tarun Chugh, Denver
Balasubramanian V. Srinivasan, Denver
Sophoat Svai, Denver
Brian Beno, Miami
Rodrigo Garcia, Miami
Kathleen Heisterman, Miami
Scott Kendall, Miami
Michael Overbeck, Miami
Eduardo Sandoval, Miami
Predrag Starcevic, Miami
Gabriel Torres, Miami
Manuel Wladdimiro, Miami
Carlos Yedo, Miami
Lysander Marchena(Champ), Orlando
Jeff Unay, Seattle
Nick Flanscha, St. Louis




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